Monday, 17 September 2012

Turning challenges into opportunity -LBM from filth cleaning drive

The knowledgeable masters of our economy say -such harsh decisions were long overdue. They proclaim that in the long run it will do good despite the initial shocking impact (of  fuel price hike and rationing of LPG cylinders) on the life of the majority of Indians (i.e. barring the minuscule percentage of rich affluent citizens) !

Economy managed by handful few with the consent of the parliament. Good or bad management -we the commoners are nobody to pass comment on. But a life we have to live and to the extent possible should try living happily. Solution to it is toying in my mind for quite some time.

Can we not try to be self sustaining person/family ? Well, that may be far fetched idea looking at our daily needs. However, it won't remain far fetched thing if we come together and start providing and accepting support from each other!

We need a permanent solution for mitigating our ever growing energy demands. No energy -no development, no fun, no life! Isn't that the reality ?

Dwindling sources of known non-renewable fuels and the resulting continual hikes in their prices are affecting every country in the world excepting the lucky few with enormous natural reserves. Disparity in living standard of common people across the world is very much due to these known  non-renewable fuels!

It's time now that we concentrate on making renewable energy economic and abundant. Biofuels can be a true alternative for our sustenance. Various technologies are tried and are being used to decompost bio-wastes, filths etc. under anaerobic condition to generate bio-methane. Liquefying  BM using cryogenic approach and transporting LBM to point of distribution or use in LPG/CNG tankers is an approach being tried out by some think-tanks. Can we not think abstract in similar line ? My pleasure, you read it through :) Now I look forward to a positive journey with you to become a self-sustaining family.

Think abstract -please. And here is something thought provoking that I found in the net ...